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Rhizome season winding down for 2021

Just letting everyone know. All backorders have been filled now and I have removed the back order option for this year, as I cannot guarantee numbers from here on out. What we have will be in stock and once thats sold its gone. I can guarantee the Chinook I dug up today will be the last of that stock for 2021. Stock levels will be sporadic from here on out until we have nothing left for the 2021 rhizome season. I will now be adding stock as I dig it up. So the numbers are limited from here thats why all the special prices on rhizomes have also been removed.

If you are still interested in buying hops rhizomes in 2021, dont wait around because we will sell out of rhizome stock sometime in the next few weeks. Once we sell out thats it for rhizomes until June 2022.

Please remember if you are paying through direct bank payments. You need to complete the payment manually or your order will not be paid and subsequently will be cancelled.

Cheers Admin

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