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August 2021 News

Well the new website is cranking along nicely. Much more streamline than before.

I am aware we are getting a little low in stock on a few rhizomes. Ill be digging more this week. If its on back order it just means there are none in stock in the fridge and Ill just have to dig some more so this will take me a day or two longer than usual. If there is no back order option we are likely out or I cannot guarantee good stock so unless I find some good stock they will likely not come back into stock until 2022 now. Im endeavoring to keep stock levels up but as per usual August is extremely busy.

We’re setting up to have a big plant sale at the start of spring. Not sure where this will happen just yet as im still trying to book somewhere in. Hopefully around Mylor as that will just make it far easier for us.

Tomato Seedlings
Pumpkin Seedlings
Capsicum Seedlings
Chilli Seedlings
Lettuce Seedlings
Onion Seedlings
Potted Strawberries
A few ornamentals as well as many things I havent listed.

Should be pretty fun. I have most things potted up and just getting a bit of size on them now.

As per usual a massive thankyou has to go out to all our wonderful customers who are supporting our business though these hard times.

Cheers Stuart

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