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Rhizome season 2022 is LIVE

We have finally finished up sorting out and shipping our pre orders.

From here on out we will be shipping rhizomes out daily. Varieties may go into back order however thats just to let me know that I need to start digging up more.

Target Released today. Hoping to have some Willamette too but haven’t look at that yet.

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2022 Hops Rhizome Pre-Orders are Live

G’day everyone. We are opening up for pre orders as usual a little early. Please be aware it may take up to 8 weeks to receive your order. All orders come packaged to store or plant with planting instructions. Usually storage in the fridge until you the end of winter is advised. This does no damage to the rhizomes infact quite the opposite as long as you follow the instructions. We package so they will survive the Australia post system too. Usually we will start to ship out at the start of June. So if you order early you will be first on our list to receive your rhizomes.

Note# Not all hops varieties will be available for pre order. Some of the varieties that are harder to grow are subject to availability when digging has commenced.

Regards Admin

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Coir twine pre orders are open. We have the final prices now. Introductory sale and also a thankyou for waiting for it to get here. Its eta to Adelaide is the 2nd Nov this is confirmed. We will receive it on the 3rd or 4th of November 2021. First to order will be the first to receive it after we start shipping it. I will start shipping orders out the second we receive it.

A huge thankyou for your patience too. I know its hard to wait when we’re used to getting things much faster. International shipping has increase a fair bit too even though its far slower. We are taking a bit of a hit on margin with this load. Just a warning to our customers we will have to increase prices on next years stock if demand for international shipping doesn’t drop. I certainly am not holding my breath there.

Cheers Admin

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Coir Twine briefly out of Stock. No Rhizomes left.

International shipping is a little slower than usual. The new coir twine is on the ship and its should be very close now.

Unfortunately I cannot do much to speed that process up. However it will be here soon. So dont stress and please join up to our mailing list if you are waiting and want to know as soon as it comes in.

Rhizomes are out of stock for 2021 now. I have a few small rhizomes on ebay however i wont sell small stock though here we only sell large rhizomes via this website.

Please contact us for any questions about coir twine.

Regards Admin

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Coir twine update for 2021 and beyond.

Coir twine is in much higher demand this year. Im selling a lot of large bulk quantities to farms now. The new batch of twine is on the way. Current ETA for ship to arrive in South Australia is the 28th Sept in a few days.So we should have the new products up for sale by early October.

We are getting 15m bundles of 3mm twine and 250m Balls of 5mm twine in this shipment. The balls should suit the larger growers and the bundles should be perfect for most backyard growers.

Dont stress if we run out of the 6mm coir twine this week. I am aware there are only 20 rolls left here in stock. Once that’s gone it onto the new lot for 2021/2022 arriving next week.

We are becoming a larger supplier of the coir products so I will endeavor to add more products to our range and let you know when they become available. If there is anything specific you’d like please contact us and we can certainly look into buying some in bulk and adding it to our product list.

Cheers Admin

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Rhizome season winding down for 2021

Just letting everyone know. All backorders have been filled now and I have removed the back order option for this year, as I cannot guarantee numbers from here on out. What we have will be in stock and once thats sold its gone. I can guarantee the Chinook I dug up today will be the last of that stock for 2021. Stock levels will be sporadic from here on out until we have nothing left for the 2021 rhizome season. I will now be adding stock as I dig it up. So the numbers are limited from here thats why all the special prices on rhizomes have also been removed.

If you are still interested in buying hops rhizomes in 2021, dont wait around because we will sell out of rhizome stock sometime in the next few weeks. Once we sell out thats it for rhizomes until June 2022.

Please remember if you are paying through direct bank payments. You need to complete the payment manually or your order will not be paid and subsequently will be cancelled.

Cheers Admin

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August 2021 News

Well the new website is cranking along nicely. Much more streamline than before.

I am aware we are getting a little low in stock on a few rhizomes. Ill be digging more this week. If its on back order it just means there are none in stock in the fridge and Ill just have to dig some more so this will take me a day or two longer than usual. If there is no back order option we are likely out or I cannot guarantee good stock so unless I find some good stock they will likely not come back into stock until 2022 now. Im endeavoring to keep stock levels up but as per usual August is extremely busy.

We’re setting up to have a big plant sale at the start of spring. Not sure where this will happen just yet as im still trying to book somewhere in. Hopefully around Mylor as that will just make it far easier for us.

Tomato Seedlings
Pumpkin Seedlings
Capsicum Seedlings
Chilli Seedlings
Lettuce Seedlings
Onion Seedlings
Potted Strawberries
A few ornamentals as well as many things I havent listed.

Should be pretty fun. I have most things potted up and just getting a bit of size on them now.

As per usual a massive thankyou has to go out to all our wonderful customers who are supporting our business though these hard times.

Cheers Stuart