Coir Twine & Coir Pith SALE!!!

The coir twine finally arrived. We have also added 650g expanding blocks aka briquettes of coir pith. We have also added box quantities of I figured why not put all coir products on sale for all of October and give people a good opportunity to save on their gardening and hops growing needs. There are only a few Columbus and Target rhizomes left in stock I believe. Unfortunately that is the very last of them for 2020. Its been cold and wet again here but I need to mulch my yard very soon which means no more rhizome digging. We will be adding more gardening and hops related products as we test them. I have some exciting things on order and/or in test phase now. So I will update you as soon as we are sure they will do the job they need too! Cheers Stuart

Still going with rhizomes

Hi everyone. I just realised we’ve been so busy filling orders no one has been updating the news. As just mentioned we have been flat out filling rhizome orders since…

Live Chat Widget added

We finally have a live chat system on the website. Feel free to contact us within business hours with any questions or queries. Cheers Stuart

We are still fully operational

I have been so busy filling hops rhizome orders I have forgotten to update the news. We are doing our best to keep up with customer demand this year and…

Rhizome Release 3 Pending

Hello everyone. Winter is certainly here. We have release 5 varieties of rhizomes so far. Hoping to release some more varieties very soon. We are having a quick break this…

Rhizome season soon

Like usual we will be selling rhizomes all cold season. June we will have rhizomes up for sale.

I assure you we are still open!!!

Hi everyone. I thought I better give a little update. Not long before we wrapped up harvest 2020 this little virus called Covid -19 appeared. Since we are a wholesale…

ABC Rural article about us.

Just though Id share the ABC Rural article about some of the wild hops we have growing here. Cheers Stuart

Mini Wobblers and more!

Well. What can I say about December in the Adelaide hills. Not sure there is much to say I want to publish that wont hurt peoples eyes. Im upset, so…