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Silver Springs Hops & Permaculture Farm


We sell Hop Rhizomes, Wet Hops Flowers, Dried Hops flowers. Vegetable Seeds, Beneficial Insect Seeds, Sustainable Coir fiber Twine and other sustainable Coir products, vegetables and herbs. As well as a range of irrigation product, drying racks, flower snips. All products are shipping out in compostable packaging because we believe in sustainability and sustainable products.

Established 2015 we decided to try and bring back the lost industry of hops growing in the Adelaide Hills. Since I found out one of the first commercial hops farm in South Australia established in the 1880s was just down the road from where we are now. Our hops are naturally sheltered from wind in the bottom of a wet gully with natural spring providing the water in summer. They get are growing in long day light hours in summer, nice clean flowing air off Mt Bold Reservoir and beautiful rich soil. Vegetable trials are still continuing and we had lots of success through the 2020/21 growing season. Our head horticulturalist Stuart is fully qualified in the field of horticulture. He also aas decades of experience in contract gardening in home gardens around South Australia’s cold Adelaide hills and foot hills climates around Belair and Blackwood. We make it look easy. Hops isnt a specifically hard to grow plant as long as it gets some of the things it needs it should last a few years in even harsh warm and tropical conditions. The only issue with areas that dont get cold enough is the plants will stop growing flowers after a few year. If that happens. You can always replace them with new plants that have been vernalised properly with a cold period in winter. 

Bulk Wet Hops Orders for the South Australian Market. This can be arranged through us and delivered to a brewing schedule. We offer a 6hr bine to brewery guarantee meaning no hops will be more than 6hrs old by the time we pick and deliver.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.