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If you make Pilsners this is the hops for you!

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Welcome to Silver Springs European Saaz hops.

I have been cultivating this for a couple of years now on our dwarf(4m trellis). Unfortunately our sheep busted in through the gate and ate all the bines and leaves just before they flowered. This has also had a knock on effect to the rhizome growth. Much yelling and swearing at the sheep later and after never fixing the gate. They have been held back somewhat. Anyhow we have finally found some to release back to the public.

Saaz has a very distinctive flavour. Used in beer as a finishing hops, the resultant aroma is very mild, earthy, herbal and spicy. Despite its popularity and noble pedigree, Saaz generally has a very low Alpha Acid level and is not very effective as a bittering hop. This hop is generally used for pilsners and is used in some newer styles of IPAs and ales as a finishing hop.

These are only second year plants here. So I have struggled a little to find really nice fat juicy rhizomes. They are a little on the small side for our usual quality so please keep that in mind. Still all minimum 6 inches and 3 node sets.

Very viable rhizomes. We unfortunately have not been able to have these tested yet, so we will have to run on the wikipedia numbers for now.

Not many this year. I doubt there will be more than the 20.

Alpha Acids 2.5 – 4%
Beta Acids 4.6 – 6%
Cohumulone 23-26%

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