Target Hops Dried Flowers 200g (March 2021 Harvest)


English dual-use variety Target was released in 1992 and features a lineage including Eastwell Golding and Northern Brewer. Though being somewhat closely related, Target’s relative Challenger is considerably less fruity

Target’s is a great hop for craft brewers, ours has pensive fruity aromas. A friend told me he can smell peach, apricot, passionfruit and mandarin. It will certainly up the fruitiness in any craft beer you’re making.

All our hops have been slow dried to retain higher cohumulone numbers and flavours and aromas. We also vacuum seal in BPA free bags for easy storage until use.

This is my favourite smelling hops on our farm. Its getting better and better every year.

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Target Hops 200g

Alpha Acid % 9.3
Beta Acid % 4.7
Cohumulone % 34

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