Centennial Rhizome


Centennial is currently the worlds 3rd most popular hops.

Great for that extra hops zing in any ale!

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6 inch and 3 node set minimum. Mostly 8 inches or more. These are all large and will be very easy to grow.

Great Hops for pretty much any beer ever.

This is probably our favourite variety here and its very very popular with the home brewers for its versatility and amazing flavours and aromas.

Floral and resinous with hints of Citrus fruits.  Centennial sits behind Citra and Cascade as the third most grown variety in the US currently.

9.8% AA with a whopping 41% Cohumulone when slow dried.

Huge hops. Will grow to 7m in the correct conditions and yeild over 1kg per plant at harvest.

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