Jakes Gold Rhizome (Heirloom Variety)


Jakes Gold Heirloom hops was found by a friend of ours in a local creek. We saved some plant material and got it growing again.

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Jakes Gold Heirloom Golding Hop Rhizome

This is an heirloom Golding variety found, saved and propagated by us at Silver Springs Hops Farm. It was discovered by a friend of mine called Jake in 2016(hence Jakes Gold)in the river in our local area.

Most probably what Rockford was growing around the Mylor township in the early 1900s. Jake will be getting a cut of all these sales. Strong growing plants, they flower ok about on par with what ive seen Saaz do. Amazingly aromatic with a very strong herbal and peppery aroma and flavours. They are certainly not a Triploid hops like the modern cultivars.

You wont get a crop like a Chinook from these, but you’ll also never get any other hops like this variety. Its from a time before hops breeding programs, massive hops farms shipping internationally, well before chemical agriculture and even machine assisted agriculture. This is a genuine survivor from days long gone and, part of Australian brewing history!!! Very excited about this as its one of the first new hops releases in Australia in decades too.

These are all fairly big vigorous rhizomes.

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