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Cascade Rhizome – Pot Boosted


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Cascade Rhizome – Pot Boosted

This is another technique we use to boost smaller rhizomes into nice growing hops plants.

These are put into coir fibre and a small black pot and left in our hothouse for a few weeks. This creates a root ball on the bottom of the rhizome. Thus giving it stacks of energy and should grow with similar vigour to a larger bare rooted rhizome.

They will come with some green shoots so they are ready to plant and grow.

Great Hops for essentially any ale. Very fruity. Rhizomes from a commercial farm in Victoria, a good friend and part owner of a new brewery called The Hard Road has kindly restocked us.

Regular US testing puts these hops in the 10%AA range with 37% Cohumulone. Quite high for Cascade but its really good stuff!

Note, These will be shipped in a small grow bag not the pot in the picture as we wash and reuse the solid pots here.

We dont have many however some Chinook was also done. That will be ready soon.

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