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Medium Target Rhizomes.

3 Node sets minimum/6 inch minimum

Great Hops for pretty much any beer. Super versatile from Bittering – Aroma it can do it all!

Very very complex fruity flavours and aromas with hints of Floral.

I get stonefruit, passionfruit, pineapple, kiwi fruit, melon from this. Perfectly complements any type of English ale. Especially English IPAs and Pale Ales.

Extremely good for dry hopping to add some fruity aromas. Goes very well mixed with Columbus or Chinook to offer a much more rounded flavour profile. Probably my favourite variety we grow here. Crops pretty well for a modern UK var. The numbers are similar to Columbus however the armoas and flavours are worlds apart as in new and old world! I love the stuff personally cannot get enough of it.

Regular testing puts this hops at 9.5%AA with 35% Cohumulone.

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