Growing Hops: A Guide to Success – Part 1 – eBook 2020


Our long awaited hops growers guide. 12500 words and 29 pages. This is part 1 the first year. This book takes a hops rhizome from the fridge to top of trellis and burr stage. Very comprehensive and packed with information that has been sourced through the experiences of my customers and myself.


Growing Hops: A guide to success  Part 1

This 12500 word 29 page book was inspired by watching people making mistakes. It was also inspired by a lack of credible information online. There are lots of myths surrounding hops and how they grow. What conditions they like etc. Most of that is inaccurate. Hops need a few certain things to thrive in a backyard. They are being growing with reasonable success all over the tropics these days. I thought it was about time that someone wrote a book that contains all the information someone needs to know to have success growing hops. I personally learnt the hard way on some of my first plantings. I got better. I learnt more and 5 years later I have released this to help everyone overcome the issues they have had in the passed.

Reading this book will give you the best chance of success for your hops rhizomes.

This book is subject to © copyright 2020 Stuart Binnion


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