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Coir twine update for 2021 and beyond.

Coir twine is in much higher demand this year. Im selling a lot of large bulk quantities to farms now. The new batch of twine is on the way. Current ETA for ship to arrive in South Australia is the 28th Sept in a few days.So we should have the new products up for sale by early October.

We are getting 15m bundles of 3mm twine and 250m Balls of 5mm twine in this shipment. The balls should suit the larger growers and the bundles should be perfect for most backyard growers.

Dont stress if we run out of the 6mm coir twine this week. I am aware there are only 20 rolls left here in stock. Once that’s gone it onto the new lot for 2021/2022 arriving next week.

We are becoming a larger supplier of the coir products so I will endeavor to add more products to our range and let you know when they become available. If there is anything specific you’d like please contact us and we can certainly look into buying some in bulk and adding it to our product list.

Cheers Admin

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