20x 1.5 Litre Premium Poly Planter Bag/Pot


1.5L Poly Planter Bag. Premium quality planter bag.

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20x Poly 1.5L Planter Bag/Pot reusable.

These are high-quality, industrial horticulture grade black PE (polyethylene) planter bags. If you are after a tough and durable planter bag that represents great value, then you can’t go past the range we have on offer here. Unlike the cheaper makes that may look similar but more often than not are made of a much thinner PE plastic, have faulty plastic welds at the base of the bags (leaks potting mix) or damaged gusset fold; in contrast, the bags we have on offer here are made of a premium industrial grade UV-stabilised polyethylene and can withstand harsh growing environments, including indefinite direct exposure to the sun.

These bags also include improved drainage holes situated at the basal-ridge (not the underside) and holes on the sides, providing good airflow and air-pruning of roots, which help to contribute to root-system development. Black planter bags areĀ  far superior to the white bags that simply do not have any durability

This is a professional grade product that has been used widely by the horticultural industry of Australia

Why We Use these

  • High-quality plastic welded bags
  • Made of UV-stabilised polyethylene
  • Strong and superior material provides extended durability
  • Improved drainage – large rim with extra drainage holes
  • Suitable for Australian conditions – a track-record of successful use in Australian conditions

Product Details and Specifics

  • Capacity: Approx 1.5 Litres
  • Bag Height: 13.0 cm
  • Bag Diameter: 12.0 cm
  • Material: Premium polyethylene (stabilised for prolonged UV resistance)
  • Colour: Black20x Black 1.5L Poly Planter BagsFeel free to use our envelope shipping option for 40 or less poly planter bags. They will comfortably fit into an envelope.

Additional information

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