Dripper Spike 13cm Pack of 50


Dripper Spike 13cm adjustable flow rate. Bulk packs less than $1 each.

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Adjustable Flow Dripper On 13cm spike.

Made with ABS plastic to last in the outdoors.

Great for use with plants that have different watering needs as you can adjust each individual spike to flow at different rates.

360° watering.

Variable flow rate 0-62 L/h.

Turn cap to adjust radius and flow.

Variable Radius: 0 – 20cm.

Dripper spikes offer variable water flow and a wider coverage area than standard drippers. Use with 4 mm poly pipe.

Will work from tank pressure alone although the radius will be smaller.

Each spike comes with joiner to plug into your irrigation pipe. All you need is some 4mm poly pipe and you can retrofit these to any pre existing irrigation system. Best prices in Australia.

50 dripper spikes.

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Weight 250 g


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