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Dr Rudi Hops(Super Alpha) Dried Flowers 200g (March 2021)


Dr. Rudi has the same Smoothcone tetraploid mother as Green Bullet, another popular variety grown in New Zealand.

Dr. Rudi is described as having a soft to moderate floral aroma along with a fresh pithy citrus bite. Possible sidelines into lemon and some mellow fruitiness. Other notes often said to be expressed include pine needles, resin, herbal/spicy elements, and lemongrass.

Bittering is considered crisp and clean.

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Dr Rudi, Ex Super Alpha. Bred by an Australian in NZ in the 70s. Dr Rudi was originally grown for its alpha acid qualities however it has hit its feet as a dual use hops now. Piney and Citrus.

Our testing showed this came in at a whopping 12.1 % Alpha Acids in 2019. Its a big hop and its certainly the real Dr Rudi!!

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