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Coir Fibre Expanding Block


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A Natural, Renewable and Sustainable growing medium.

Makes approx 65-75L (fills a standard wheelbarrow)

This is what we use to store and ship rhizomes in. We also use it for early season boosting of new rhizomes. Its the perfect substrate for hops propagation and storage.

This comes from the same ethical and slave labor free supplier we get all our coir products from. You can be sure that the people who produce this are well looked after and well paid.

EC/Chloride Less than 0.5 mS/cm
pH Range 5.2-6.8(no added chemicals)
Hydroponic Substrate
Excellent Water Holding Capacity
Free from pathogens and seeds
Neutral substrate maintains beneficial microbe life


Place into a LARGE container (100L or bigger)
Add Approx 30L of water and leave to soak up and expand
For ideal potting mix add one part compost and one part coconut husk chips
Hasten breakup and expansion by mixing manually

Due to its bulky size this product will ship in a 5kg pre paid satchel or Above 5kgs parcel.

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