Iris ‘Indigo Princess’ Rhizome (Bearded Iris)


Indigo Bearded Iris.

Yellow/White Beard.

White and purple veins.

Very striking Indigo colours.

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Indigo Princess Bearded Iris Rhizome. 1 Piece.

Yellow/White Beard.

White and purple veins.

Absolutely striking colours as pictured.

Mild sweet fragrance.

Tubers all around 6 inches long. Some are larger some are a little smaller. All viable with at least 2 new node sets. Iris are very very easy to grow. They just require sunlight and water and a little bit of fertiliser and they will grow you some stunning flowers. They also spread quite well and will fill in some gaps in your garden quickly.

They will come shipped in a little bit of our sustainable coir fiber and wrapped in cardboard so they wont be damaged in the post. 4 should fit in our standard size bag for $9.40.

Same as the hops rhizomes. Not Tassy sorry. We can send to WA but you will have to contact local quarantine to get a permit first.

Plant in Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Very frost tolerant
Very drought tolerant
Climate Zone: Cool – Sub Tropics
Spring/Summer Flowering
Height 1m
Width 30cm

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