Air layering pod propagation kit


The easy way to propagate semi hard wood and hardwood cuttings. Trees, hops, roses, citrus, etc.

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Air layering pod propagation kit.

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Comes with four 8x8cm clip on air layering pods and 1 block of expanding coir pith.

Simply clip onto a spare bine. Keep the top trimmed so no flowers grow. You will have an new hops rhizome ready to go at the end of the flowering season.

Saves time and money over buying new rhizomes. All clones of hops are the exact same genetic material as the mother plant. So if you want more chinook hops plants. Put one or 5 on your chinook and wait. Then you will have more. Easy fuss free propagation.

Air layering is a very effective way to propagate plants. The old method of wadding sphagnum moss then using glad wrap and tape works but its not very efficient, messy and challenging to get right. These pods are purpose built so there is no messing around trying to hold a wad of sphagnum moss around a stem then trying to glad wrap said wad. This takes all the mess and effort out of air layering.

Will work for any semi hard wood or hardwood. Roses, fruit trees, hops, berries, grapes etc etc. Much higher chance of success for all cuttings done with air layering as the plant retains its full energy whilst growing new roots. Once new roots have formed inside the air layering pod. Simply cut the stem below the pod and replant the new tree or plant into a pot or into the soil. It really cannot get any easier than this.

1 kit shipped to your door for under $50.

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