Silver Springs Hops & Permaculture Farm

Pot Boosted Hops

Potted hops or as I like to call them. Pot Boosted Hops.

This is another technique we use here to boost the energy of smaller rhizomes. This is done with our special method(which I mention elsewhere here)giving them a nice root ball and plenty of energy to grow.

Hops can be planted all through the early warmer months too.

These are all sourced from our commercial field in South Australia. Most of these hops have been used in commercial beers. We put the Alpha Acid and Cohumulone numbers on them because we pay for the flowers to be tested bi-annually.

We ship every day of the week orders will usually have a 24hr handling period and should be with you within 1 week. We package ready to store in the fridge and to survive the journey in the post. We are experts at what we do.

Hops are quite easy to grow once established and even the novice gardener can have success with hops.

All hop rhizomes are sold separately. Photos are for size and node reference only.

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