New Growers Advice 101

Ok. Noob gowning advice. Im gunna make this short and sweet.

1. Aim at sandy loam – clay loam at 6pH 1m x 1m minimum per hops rhizome.

2. Always plant new rhizomes on a 45° angle to the top of the soil. with the strongest node set 1 inch above to below the soil. This will give you the rhizome the best chance to establish.

3. Nitrogen early(the creeks dont like urea so look into nitrates), Nitrogen Phosphorus middle season, Nitrogen and potassium late.

4. Get some kinda decent watering system hops are heavy drinkers especially in hot weather. They dont like to shut down unless days on end of hot weather but they will burn fast without correct water in the peak of their growing season which is summer.

5. If you can, plant them in the ground/soil. Pots are ok. Not great for them you’ll do far better in soil.

6. 22 nodes is the magic number so you need to give them at least 3m height to flower properly. Expect 20kgs per plant. So build a STRONG trellis at a decent height.

7. Remember you can always ask for help if you get lost but its better to do that before us hops farmers get stuck into out harvests in late Summer!!! Do that over at our home growers group on Facebook called Aussie Hop Head Chat. Dont forget to answer the entry question. Follow this link here.

8. pH check…and keep doing it. The csiro developed pH kit is cheap and available at most hardware shops. Lots of potting mixes are on the toxic side of Alkalinity. This is why we recommend putting them into the ground if you have the opportunity to do so.

Cheers and have fun!

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